Cyber Friendship…

I know we just meet on line
But as the days passed by
We developed friendship
Friendship that is so true and honest
There is always willingness to share….

We were strangers then, how can I forget
The day you came into my life, willing to share
Love, joys, happiness, even despair
Everything you knew, that I will appreciate

Then suddenly we became
What we call friends, though I share just a little
But you treasured still ‘till we became very best friend

My friend who knows when I am sad
Giving me advises and laughter
To fill the emptiness I felt within

My friend who is just a mouse click away
Willing to stay at my side
Just to keep me company
Though at times being ignored
By some unspoken words….

And now I don’t know what to say
For I know words isn’t enough
To thank you, to tell you
I treasured this friendship
Friendship that I want to remain forever….

My very best friend. I am there with you…
Always and forever I will remain
You are very best friend…..


I wish that our friendship is still running in the direction of the good.

I also thank a lot on this expression. Hopefully I can be a friend that you want. for you, for us.



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